Forget the frustration and make your homeschooling days enjoyable! Here's how

Tired of the information overload?

I know where you’re at right now, momma. 

You’re overwhelmed with all the choices…

You want to make homeschooling fun but you don’t know how…

You’re frustrated because you don’t know if your child is actually learning…

Let’s discover the homeschooling path that works for your family.

Your homeschooling

adventure awaits...

Elizabeth Tatham, founder of Inspiration in the Everyday, standing next to a white gate.

I’ve been homeschooling my own kids for more than 10 years and counting…

I have my degree in education and have been through multiple intensive training programs along with working with and teaching children for multiple decades.  And get this: I haven’t lost my mind yet!

But at heart, I’m just a Christ following, coffee-loving momma to my 5 amazing kids who loves each and every day I get to spend homeschooling them.

And unlike the conventional wisdom, I don’t believe there’s a perfect curriculum or a perfect schedule for everyone.  Instead, true learning is a combination of curriculum, activities, and relationships that is tailored to your child and family resulting in a lifelong love of learning.

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